Custom safe for a government office.

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We understand that your needs can be unique. We offer Custom Built Safes and Specialty Safes to fit those needs.


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We understand that your needs can be unique.

We offer Custom Built Safes and Specialty Safes to fit those needs. Everyone is different, but rest assured you can find the exact safe you want with Safe and Vault Store. That's what makes our company unique.

What You Can Expect from Us

Contact us today at (800) 207-2259 to let us know how Safe and Vault Store 

can help you with your Custom Safe needs!

Quality & Quantity

Your quote includes any quantity for your custom safe you desire.

Total Evaluation

We give a complete evaluation and suggest the Custom Built Safe that best fits your needs.

Engineered Drawings

We will create an engineered drawing of your Specialty Safe based on your specifications.

Installation Service

We provide optional installation services and can arrange for special stocking requirements.

And More

Whether it be a special interior configuration, extra shelving, a drop chute, a 

unique locking mechanism, or a special size and weight, we can help. We

 also have experience in after the sale service for national accounts.

"I've spoken to two different people at Safe & Vault and both were very knowledgeable and were able to arrange for exactly the product I needed. I received my customized safe in a matter of days, at a very reasonable price. I took my sweet time with the purchase and at no point were they interested in anything but making sure that they understand what I need and me receiving exactly what I want. Would not hesitate to recommend or do business with again!

Industries We've Served

Our experience with customers' unique needs covers many industries such as:

Grocery Stores
Financial Institutions

Convenience Stores
Gas Stations & mini-marts

National accounts
And more!


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Contact us today to let us know how Safe and Vault Store

 can help you with your Custom Safe needs!

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